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Few places have all the elements for growing and producing wine come together as perfectly as Lodi does. And for a new generation of wine drinkers looking for “discovery,” our branding concept is literally meant to put Lodi on the map. Said another way: X marks the spot. Visually the Lodi Wine “X” trademark represents the wine growers and the winemakers coming together. We came up with all manner of ways in which to use the Lodi X: as a route finder, to identify local wineries or to single out a restaurant that serves Lodi Wine.

The impetuous for the campaign was an eye-opener for us because, like a lot of people, we had preconceived notions of Lodi—hot; table grapes; the place you pass through on your way to somewhere else, somewhere more interesting. Then we actually went there and discovered just how off base we were. That’s when we realized this needed to be a campaign of discovery; that the story of Lodi wine was really a collection of dozens and dozens of remarkable stories. Stories about the people, about the multi-generational farming history, about the unique geography and climate—and that the more people discovered (just as we were discovering) the real Lodi, the more delighted and surprised they’d become. Our job then was to simply show that there really is something wonderfully unexpected happening here. 



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