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Kirsten Rindal

After 37 years as an educator, Kirsten Rindal decided to become a Botanical Illustration Artist. Her life-long fascination and love for Botanical Art and Illustration, was what inspired her to pursue this new journey. As an artist, she endeavors to help others to not only see the beauty of botanical subjects, but also to understand the importance of protecting endangered species. Connecting with a network of botanists, horticulturists, plant societies, botanical artists and illustrators world-wide makes this journey possible.

Here work follows a meticulous process that begins with observation of botanical subject, reference photos and lighting. It progresses to learning about habitat, plant structure, dissecting parts and life cycles. Then moves into the artistic aspects of sketching the subject, measured drawing, graphite drawing of composition, color matching, transfer of the contour line drawing to watercolor paper, then layering of watercolor and all the final details.

KR_072221_Hanging Posters.jpg
KR_051121_Frame gold_02.jpg
KE_072321_note card B.jpg
KR_051021_single poster_06.jpg
KR_072321_corner close up.jpg
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