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The Waldorf Astoria

The Waldorf Astoria Collection is a true compilation of hotel and resort gems that go beyond the realm of luxury. The company wanted to grow this collection and needed a way to tell their story to potential business investors. They desired a flexible marketing show piece that could easily be updated as their assemblage expanded and their business needs changed.


​We came up with an online video and a large format bespoke document that had special enclosures for custom one-sheets which explained a variety of business objectives as well as a place for a coffee table brochure that told the brand story. We added tasteful design touches where appropriate to express the high level of quality found within the collection. For example, we created a woven label of the Waldorf Astoria Collection logo and debossed it on the brochure cover. All of our design decisions were predicated on the refined elegance which was the foundation of the brand.


The greatest of them all.

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