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Tacos Perla

Tacos Perla is a brand that is taking the street taco out of its humble roots and sending it to design school through modern flavor riffs matched with delicious classic recipes. We created the brand identity to be evocative of great Mexican design mixed with contemporary styling. Through our research we discovered the handcrafted charm and imperfections of the artists’ alleys in Tijuana and reflected that in the branding of Tacos Perla.


The symbol we created for Tacos Perla is ‘Gomez’ the zonkey. He’s a modernist graphic interpretation of the famous painted zebra-donkey that became the faded Polaroid souvenir of a visit to Tijuana. We based our color palette on the streets of Tijuana and then reinterpreted it through high design. The end result is an identity that feels real and is served up fresh with a lively, Mexi-modern twist.


​Gomez says “ ¡ Hola!”

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