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Invisible Hands

Invisible hands began as a Facebook post - an offer from three twenty-somethings to help neighbors pick up groceries as COVID-19 began to spread throughout New York City. In just a few months they became a non-profit organization that coordinated over 10,000 volunteers and delivered over $1,000,000 in food, medicine, and other necessities across the East Coast.

Inspired by their name and the power of the yin yang symbol we designed their logo to convey a feeling of confidence, equality and helpfulness. Knowing that their organization was powered by volunteers, working in a grass roots manner, we created a brand architecture that is easy to work with and communicates across a variety of languages. From simple posters to branded apparel and a series of DIY pins, we made sure that the brand was putting forth a feeling of happiness and optimism while also providing a feeling of connection in these incredibly isolating times.

Invisible Hands Delivers

IH_031121_Horiz Lockup FINAL_Blue Green-
IH_logo 2-03.png
IH_logo 2-02.png
IH_logo 2-01.png
IH_022421_card .jpg
IH_031121_ipad 2.jpg
IH_021921_FB 2.jpg
IH_021921_poster 2.jpg
IH_car 2.jpg
IH_031121_deliver guy.jpg
IH_021921_Touch Tool 2.jpg
IH_021921_Touch Tool.jpg
IH_021921_mug 3.jpg
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